Please drink responsibly

Chapter 2


Taking craftsmanship
to an art in Burgundy

Thanks to our unique network, we buy grapes of the finest quality from Burgundy’s top growers. As much as possible, we select those grown from vineyards that are managed in a sustainable and ecologically responsible manner, privileging organic viticulture. We work in conjunction with growers throughout the entire year, decide on the harvest date and we pick our grapes ourselves.

With pragmatism and without any pre-established formulas, we adapt our vinification and ageing processes to the potential of each terroir, plot, grape variety and vintage. We do not want our wines to be masked by oak, so we use it judiciously to give the wine just what it needs so that during the ageing process all of its potential and expression can shine through. Ageing a great wine requires patient, gentle work.

« We do not subscribe to any particular method,
we are committed to wine »

White and Red
gold diggers

Eager to offer exceptional wines, to begin with, we have chosen to focus on the heart of the heart of Burgundy, on the most precious wines that it has to offer: the Côte de Nuits and the Côte de Beaune, with villages to be discovered, great classics, intriguing Premier Crus, superb Grand Crus and absolute rarities produced in very limited quantities.

« Giving oneself the means »

Tools of
utmost precision

Having been completely renovated, our family’s historic winery and cellars at Château de Charmont now boast the means to vinify and age our wines with great precision, allowing us to adapt our work to each plot, each grape profile, and each cuvée in the aim of best respecting the grape and the wine by keeping interventions to a strict minimum.

Ancestral gestures

The work performed in the cellar, as we envision it, manually, as it was done in the past, is a summation of ancestral gestures that sometimes need to be learned over again. Our cellar master, who was born in the village, learned them from his father. We also had to seek out old, esoterically named tools (noyau, cannelle, sapine, poulain, etc.), and have had those that had completely disappeared custom-made for us. This is why we are as much artists as we are artisans in Burgundy.

Patience and humility,
the important role of the cellar master

Our winemaker and cellar master share a common philosophy : understanding each plot of vines, and immersing themself in the subtleties of each terroir in order to bring out their characteristics in the wine. Appropriating and internalizing each cuvée in order to subtly guide it towards what it best has to offer. 

At Edouard Delaunay, we devote considerable time to tastings. Each decision, each intervention in the winemaking process is preceded by long, group tasting sessions during which we patiently evaluate the consequences of our actions.