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Winner of IWC Challenge 2020 - Edouard Delaunay

The new face of Burgundy

Cellarmaster at the House of Edouard Delaunay and Red Winemaker of the Year at the 2020 IWC


Christophe Briotet, a model of patience and humility

A talented oenologist with a great deal of experience, Christophe has overseen the crafting of the House's wines with patience and humility for the last 3 years.

Hailing from a multitude of diverse terroirs that endow the wines of Burgundy with all their specificity and magic, each of our cuvées features its own subtilities that need to be understood and assimilated in order to bring out their full potential.  

It is with passion and precision, key words that he shares with Laurent Delaunay, that Christophe contributes on a daily basis.  

Their shared approach is based on serious consideration of the intrinsic potential of each terroir and each plot, before making any decisions about vinification or ageing. It is only after long, frequent tasting sessions that they determine the destiny of our cuvées, because no wine follows the same journey...

Purity and precision are the principles that guide them.  

It is therefore with great emotion that we have learned, just three years after our partnership started, that Christophe has been named Red Winemaker of the Year at the prestigious International Wine Challenge. 

An accolade that rewards all of his hard work and proves that we were right to believe in him!